HTCH, WTCH Peaslee's Tupelo, 2009- 2013

Tupelo was sensitive, bold, and a talented working dog.

About Tupelo

Tupelo was from Honey’s last litter, by Husted’s Tribute to Johnny Cash, born in June 2009. He inherited Honey’s eyes & coloring, her responsiveness and zeal, and Cash’s beautiful expression, boldness, and power. Tupelo spent his first year of life living in California; unfortunately he wore out his welcome when adolescence hit — so, he returned to Oregon. For better or worse, he was my boy!

Tupelo had a lot of natural talent as a stock dog; he had a powerful presence, excellent balance, and outstanding drive. He was very tuned into me and worked hard to be my partner. He earned advanced herding titles on AHBA’s ranch, large flock, and arena courses, a Working Trial Championship (advanced titles on cattle, sheep, ducks) from ASCA, and completed a Herding/Working Trial Championships in both AHBA and ASCA; these accomplishments reflected his natural talent.  Tupelo was “a lot of dog”, approaching life with intensity and passion. He was eager, resilient, and capable; responsive to direction but willing to take charge.

Tupelo was MDR-1 normal/normal, PennHIP DI=0.45/0.55/no DJD. He was not a breeding dog (neutered) but his energy and intelligence were channeled into work!


Instinct test and some training videos from our journey