Peaslee's Talisman of the Shire

Tali is loyal, resilient, and eager to be a part of whatever we are doing.

About Tali

Tali is from Shire and Shepherd’s Way Levi, born January 2020. She is an affectionate, lively companion, a bright light during some dark times in 2020-2021. She is intelligent, resilient, and enthusiastic in her approach to life; she moves with strength and fluidity, a joy to watch as she sails across the field.

Tali is an eager and committed partner for chores. She is responsive to direction but also shows initiative.  Tali is a natural heeler, and enjoys making livestock move, but she is capable of working with a gentle touch when required.  She has a lot of heart and wants to please.  Tali earned a Herding Ranch Dog (HRD) I title at 2 years, and proved to be a fun companion for the 3 day road trip involved — good with all the new people and dogs, great in the car and the motel, curious and happy to experience all the new sights and sounds at a busy event.

Health Information
Hips & eyes: OFA good, PennHIP DI=0.44/0.46,
DNA Testing: Embark panel clear
Inbreeding (COI): homozygosity measured at 5%

Tali’s Titles

Herding Ranch Dog (HRD) II- sheep
Herding Trial Arena Dog (HTAD) I – sheep
Junior Herd Dog (JHD) – sheep
Farm Dog Certification (FDC) – CGC equivalent


Puppy Tali Video