Peaslee's Talisman of the Shire

Tali is loyal, resilient, and eager to be a part of whatever we are doing.

About Tali

Tali is from Shire and Shepherd’s Way Levi, born January 2020. She is an affectionate, lively companion, a bright light during some dark times in 2020-2021. She is intelligent, resilient, and enthusiastic in her approach to life; she moves with strength and fluidity, a joy to watch as she sails across the field.

Tali is an eager and committed stock dog; she is responsive to direction but also shows initiative.  Tali is fast and powerful, with a natural gather; she enjoys making livestock move and is capable of handling stubborn stock but she adapts to work poultry and more fragile animals as well.  She has a lot of heart and wants to please.

Tali earned her first Herding Ranch Dog (HRD) title at 2 years and despite being a “COVID puppy” (unable to attend social events for her first 2 years) proved to be a fun companion for the 3 day road trip involved — good with all the new people and dogs, great in the car and the motel, curious and happy to experience all the new sights and sounds at a busy event. She has earned numerous placements as well as High in Trial at a recent AHBA trial.

All in all, Tali is a well-rounded farm dog – an avid hunter of mice, rats, and other pests, she earned 3 High in Class placements at her first Barn Hunt trial.  She also earned compliments outside the ring for her calm and gentle character.  She enjoys chasing off coyotes and keeping hawks and vultures out of the fields at home.  When it’s time to relax, she is happy to cuddle on the couch.

Health Information
Hips: OFA good, PennHIP DI=0.44/0.46
Eyes: normal CAER exam, 2023
DNA Testing: Embark panel clear
Inbreeding (COI): homozygosity measured at 5%

Tali’s Titles

Herding Ranch Dog (HRD) III – advanced level / sheep
Herding Trial Arena Dog (HTAD) III – advanced level/ sheep
Junior Herd Dog (JHD) – sheep
Open Barn Hunt (RATO) – #1 English Shepherd in her class, 2023
Farm Dog Certification (FDC) – CGC equivalent


Tali Video

Puppy Tali was a natural athlete, as is apparent from the little clip of her sailing over a barrier at 3 months of age.  To be clear, even puppies destined to compete in agility should not be training jumps at this age, but things happen and sometimes we catch them on film!  That athleticism has stayed with her… it must feel good to be able to fly! 

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