Stud Dogs

Dogs Currently Available

The dogs below are available for breeding to suitable females.  Because breed conservation requires that a balance be maintained at each generation, I am selective regarding breedings and aim to avoid over-use of any individual dog.

Two of the dogs listed, Marlow and Cash, are from a previous generation and available only via frozen semen.

HTCH Peaslee’s Howell the Good

Location/ Owner: Oregon/ Shepherd’s Way – Mary Peaslee
DOB: April 2014
Pedigree: Peaslee’s Sunshine Daydream x Banks’ Cody Boy
Health: PennHIP 0.32/0.35, OFA good, Embark panel clear
Description: Howie is medium sized, 21 1/2″ and 44 lbs, with a lithe, athletic build; his movement is fluid and effortless.  He is a friendly, sensible companion, always eager to work but happy to just hang out if that is what’s on the agenda.  He has excellent herding instincts, and has multiple advanced level titles, placements, and a herding trial championship from AHBA.  For more information, see his page on this website.

Boone Bubbins of Shepherd’s Way

Location/ owner: New York, Charles Bubbins
DOB: June 2013
Pedigree: Peaslee’s Sunshine Daydream x Partlow’s Odis Charles
Health: OFA fair, clear by pedigree for CEA and PRA-prcd
Description: Boone is the only son of Partlow’s Odis Charles and so represents a unique branch of the genetic line descending from Partlow’s breeding program.  He is a piebald tricolor dog, with an athletic build and movement.  Boone spent many years as a working farm dog on a large dairy farm in upstate New York.  His owner has retired now and Boone enjoys life as a family companion.

Peaslee’s Intrepid Paladin

Location/ owner: Oregon, Jennifer Kuehn
DOB: March 2015
Pedigree: Peaslee’s Elfin Enchantress x Husted’s Tribute to Johnny Cash
Health: OFA good,  Embark panel clear
Description: Leif is laidback, sensible and sociable.  He has excellent herding instincts – a natural gather, calm confident manner, good sense of group and balance – and is a good partner, responding readily to direction.  He has a good deal of drive for nosework and enjoys barn hunt.  He is calm and well behaved with visitors and other dogs, and has proven to be a resilient, adaptable companion.

Leif has a well proportioned, moderate build and moves effortlessly, demonstrating excellent jumping ability and speed.

Shepherd’s Way Marlow

*Frozen semen available from Shepherd’s Way
DOB: June 2008 – passed away 2022
Pedigree: Peaslee’s Penelope Ravenpaw x Jarratt’s Dallas
Health: OFA good, Embark panel clear for MDR-1, PRA, CEA, carrier for DM
Description: Marlow was a friendly, happy, sensitive but resilient boy.  He was a beloved family companion and enthusiastic hiker, swimmer, jogging partner, chicken wrangler.  He was capable of working sheep and ducks, showing an upright free-moving style, able to gather and drive.  Marlow lived a very full 13 1/2 years.  Frozen semen is available for breeding to well-matched females.  As the only son of Jarratt’s Dallas still available for breeding, Marlow represents an important link to an increasingly rare sire line.

Husted’s Tribute to Johnny Cash

*Frozen semen available from Shepherd’s Way
DOB: February 2003 – passed away in 2016
Pedigree: Z-Best Tally Babe of Joy x Pisano’s Cruising Reno of Joy
Health: OFA good, clear for MDR-1, CEA, PRAprcd, DM and hereditary cataracts
Description:  Cash was a confident, adaptable dog.  He had a powerful presence and showed excellent herding instincts; he was resilient and determined, ready to work until the job was done.  Cash was moderate in height and weight, approximately 22″ & 55#, though his broad head and muscular build gave the impression of greater size.  Cash remained healthy and athletic throughout his 13+ years of life.

Next Generation ~ Prospective Stud Dogs

The dogs listed here may be available at stud in the future.  This listing is offered as a “heads up” for breeders interested in knowing what dogs/ lines may be available for breeding down the road, once the dogs have matured and been evaluated to determine suitability for breeding.


Sire – White Oak’s Flashing the Charm
Dam – Peaslee’s Skylark of Mondurle
DOB: May 2019


Sire: Shepherd’s Way Levi
Dam: Peaslee’s Elanor Proudfoot of the Shire
DOB: June 2019


Sire: Shepherd’s Way Levi
Dam: Peaslee’s Elanor Proudfoot of the Shire
DOB: June 2019


Sire: Shepherd’s Way Levi
Dam: Peaslee’s Elanor Proudfoot of the Shire
DOB: January 2020


Sire: Shepherd’s Way Levi
Dam: Peaslee’s Elanor Proudfoot of the Shire
DOB: January 2020