Peaslee's Elanor Proudfoot of the Shire

Shire is exceptionally kind-hearted, intelligent and responsible

About Shire

Shire is from Belle’s June 2016 litter, sired by Banks’ Cody Boy.

Shire is an exceptionally sweet, kind-hearted dog.  As a pup, she was friendly, spunky, shameless, adorable, and hilarious; she has become more thoughtful and serious as an adult but retains the open, funny nature that endeared her to us as a baby.  Like her grandmother, Raven, Shire is extremely sincere and responsible; though you might not expect it in such a sweet petite dog, she is also very brave – ready to lead the charge when hawks or coyotes appear.

Shire’s herding trial career has been limited due to COVID but she has lovely herding instincts: natural gather, smart and intuitive in reading stock, patient and capable of settling flighty stock but able to push when needed.  She is a natural low heeler but does not grip unnecessarily.  She is an independent minded dog and, though sensitive to direction and always ready to help, does not need or appreciate micro-management.  Her judgement is usually right.  She is a wonderful asset for chores; the sheep trust her – as do I. 

Shire is registered with UKC. His sire, Cody, was from Robert Cook, who bred working English Shepherds in Ohio for over 30 years. Many of Mr. Cook’s dogs were registered with IESR. Unfortunately, it is not possible to retrieve those records so there are gaps in Shire’s registered pedigree.

Shire’s Titles

Herding Ranch Dog (HRD) III – sheep
Herding Trial Arena Dog (HTAD) III – sheep
Trick Dog, Intermediate (TKI)
Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Health Information
Hips: OFA good, PennHIP DI=0.42/NA, no DJD
Eyes: normal CAER exam, 2023
DNA Testing: Embark panel clear for MDR-1, CEA, PRA, DM
Inbreeding (COI): homozygosity measured at 3%