“… He was a great dog in the old style, calm, eager to work but happy to lie on the front step between times.”

Welcome to Shepherd’s Way!

The goal of this website is to provide an introduction to the English Shepherd breed, to share information on dogs from Shepherd’s Way, and to provide resources for people who share my love for these dogs.  English Shepherds are “old style” dogs in the tradition of the working farm collies that were once a familiar part of the American landscape.  Shepherd’s Way aims contribute to the next generation of English Shepherds through a breeding program grounded in science and respecting tradition.

Our Dogs

Shepherd’s Way grew out of our love for our first English Shepherd, Dover, who joined our family in 1994.  We are now breeding from the 5th generation of our line as we strive to maintain Dover’s legacy.

Breed Information

English Shepherds are working dogs, valued for their versatility, loyalty, and intelligence.  They make wonderful companions and working partners in homes where their intelligence, spirit, and devotion are understood and appreciated.


In order for our dogs and the breed to thrive, new owners and future breeders need information and the support of a community.  Finding these things can be hard but help is available!  Here are some resources to get  you started.

Upcoming Litters

Litter from Peaslee’s Elanor Proudfoot (aka Shire) and Orchard Hill Augustus McCrae (Gus) planned for summer 2021.


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