Training and Educational Resources

Books and Other Publications

Books – I love books, especially old books, but will limit my list…

  • Stockdog Savvy by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle — look closely and you will find several photos of my “hoeny” in this book!
  • Moving ‘Em by Burt Smith — general reference on livestock handling
  • The Farmer’s Dog by John Holmes — old classic on farm dogs
  • The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell — excellent information on dog behavior
  • Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin — another excellent book for understanding animals
  • Control Unleashed by Leslie McDeavitt — training exercises to establish reliable off-leash behavior

Online Resources

  • Fenzi Dog Sports Academy — online courses and workshops on dog behavior & training
  • Stock Dog Library — collection of articles on the Working Aussie Source website
  • Abolute Dog Training — games and reward based dog training
  • McCrae Way — online course on sheep dog training
  • Herding on the Web — outstanding collection of articles on herding breeds
  • Little Hats — basic information on herding, slanted towards Border Collie handlers (or wannabes) but fun to read & helpful
  • Working Aussie Source — articles on training stock dogs in the library archived on the site


Herding Related:
  • Lynn Leach’s video series from Downriver Farm on training loose-eyed dogs
  • Tim Taylor’s video series on starting a stock dog (difficult to find)
  • Low Stress Cattle Handling from the Cattle Learning Center
  • Jerry Rowe’s video series from Twin Creek Productions
General Training:
  • Obedience without conflict by Ivan Balabanov – especially relevant for competition training

Herding Training & Facilities in the Pacific Northwest

  • Brigands Hide Out in Battle Ground, WA ~ owned by Nancy Ward
  • Fido’s Farm near Olympia, WA ~ owned by Chris Soderstrom
  • Packleader Farm in Gig Harbor, WA ~ owned by Barbara Davenport
  • Double V Stock Dog in Molalla, OR ~ owned by Dave & Trudy Viklund
  • Frog’s Breath Farm in Winlock, WA ~ owned by Elsie Rhodes

Groups and Organizations

Breed Specific

  • English Shepherd Breed Conservancy – focus on research, education and activities promoting breed health
  • National English Shepherd Rescue –¬† fostering and adoption of English Shepherds
  • English Shepherd Club – breed information & calendar
  • Old-fashioned Black and Tan English Shepherd Association – focus on conservation of black & tan English Shepherds

Activity Focused

  • Versatile English Shepherd Group – community supporting ES participation in variety of dog sports and activities (see facebook group)
  • American Herding Breed Association – all breed herding organization supporting events and trials


    • United Kennel Club – multi-breed registry offering events as well as registration services
    • International English Shepherd Registry – part of National Stock Dog Registry
    • English Shepherd Club Registry¬† – maintains online database