Shire & Levi, 2020

The Davids

Born January 23, 2020

Description of the Dam

Peaslee’s Elanor Proudfoot, HTAD I, HRD I, TKI, CGC, (Shire) is an exceptionally sweet, kind-hearted, and intuitive dog. Friendly and gentle, she gets along with everyone and tries hard to please. She enjoys working and has started level herding titles in addition to her canine good citizen certification. Although not formally trained as a service dog, she adapts naturally to the needs of her family and is a loving companion.

Shire is petite & athletic, with a feminine build and features.

Description of the Sire

Apple Blossom Levi of Shepherd’s Way (Levi) is biddable and energetic, with a very resilient disposition and a strong desire to be your partner. He is confident and friendly, a perfect gentleman when accompanying his owner to the elementary school where she works. He helps move alpacas when asked and takes his guardian responsibilities seriously, keeping a close eye on his children and other members of the household.

Levi is moderate in size with a sturdy build and broad head.

Characteristics of the Match

This breeding combines two branches of the Shepherd’s Way line, both going back to my foundation dam, Peaslee’s Brighton. The estimated COI (coefficient of inbreeding) is 2.7% based on pedigree; the generation time for this cross is 8 1/2 years. I expect puppies from this pair to be very biddable, loyal, and athletic, with natural herding ability and desire to work. Both Shire and Levi are wonderful family dogs, adapting well to new people and places.

Dam: Shire
Birthdate: June 2016
Registration: UKC
Ht: 18″,  Wt: 35 lbs
Hips: OFA good
Eyes: normal exam (CERF type), 2018
Genetic: MDR-1, DM, CEA & PRA clear
Embark panel, COI = 3%

Sire: Levi
Birthdate: April 30, 2006
Registration: UKC, ESCR
Hips: OFA good
Genetic: MDR-1 M/N, clear by pedigree for CEA, PRA prcd, DM
Owned by the Frake family

Levi & Shire