Pixie & Cash, 2015

Born March 2015

Pixie is a sweet natured and extremely athletic girl. She learns quickly and is an eager partner whether herding sheep, playing frisbee, or practicing tricks. Cash is an adaptable, steady dog, and at the age of 12 is still agile enough to jump in & out of the truck with ease — and enthusiasm! He loves to go and do. Cash is an excellent farm dog and his pups have proven their abilities on farms, in herding trials, and as family companions. This will be Pixie’s first litter.

Pixie is lithe and lean (38 lbs) while Cash is on the stockier side (65 lbs); both dogs are well balanced and have normal hips (OFA excellent and OFA good, respectively). I expect puppies from this pair to be very intelligent, attentive, and athletic, with natural herding ability and desire to work. Both Pixie and Cash are wonderful family dogs, adapting well to new people and places.

Sire: Husted’s Tribute to Johnny Cash
Birthdate: February 8, 2003
Registration: UKC, ESCR
Hips: OFA Good
DNA: clear for MDR-1, CEA, PRAprcd, DM & heritary cataracts
Owned by Sarah Budde

Dam: Peaslee’s Elfin Enchantress, CGC, JHD
Birthdate: August 31, 2012
Registration: UKC, ESCR
Hips: OFA Excellent
MDR-1 normal/normal,
(Embark Panel 2018)
Owned by Jennifer Kuehn