Belle & Elvis, 2012

The Blue Moon Litter

Born June 2012

Belle has a sweet, sunny personality; she is a smart and determined stock dog, keen to work but willing to take direction. Elvis has a calm, friendly nature; he is intelligent and steady, a fast learner and an eager partner. Both dogs get along well with other dogs.

Belle and Elvis are moderate in size (Elvis weighs 50 lbs, Belle weighs 35 lbs), athletic in build, and have normal hips (OFA good and OFA excellent). I expect puppies from this pair to be very intelligent, eager, and athletic. They will need an outlet for their energy and talent, and an owner who enjoys working with bright, sensitive dogs.


Sire: Carrington-Gray’s Elvis
Birthdate: August 4, 2005
Registration: UKC, ESCR
Hips: OFA Excellent
MDR-1 normal/normal
Owned by Deanna Esmaeel

Dam: HTCH Peaslee’s Sunshine Daydream
Birthdate: June 2, 2008
Registration: UKC, ESCR
Hips: OFA Good, DI = 0.37/ 0.45
Eyes: CERF normal (2011)
MDR-1 normal/mutant,
(Embark Panel 2018)