Lane English Shepherds

Ariel Lane was an English Shepherd breeder in New York state. Her dogs were widely appreciated by other English Shepherd breeders and can be found behind some the best known dogs in the breed. Thank-you to Vivian Flynt (It’za English Shepherds) for sharing the following photos and information on dogs that were influenced by Ariel Lane’s breeding program — the review below starts with Anderson’s (Beebe’s) Max and then moves back in time to show some of Mrs. Lane’s other dogs.

Lane English Shepherds

“Anderson’s (Beebe’s) Max was bred by Dorothy Anderson of St. Augustine, Illinois. Max went to live with Ann Beebe of Scales Mound, Illinois, when Dorthy had her English Shepherd kennel dispersal. He was about 8 years old then. Ann kept Max until his death five years later. Max was a large dog — Ann says he weighed 80 pounds. Dorothy says he weighed 110 pounds, so take your pick!

Max’s dam, Anderson’s Penny, was bred by Ariel Lane of Henderson, New York. Penny’s sire, Lane’s King Shep, was black & white. Her dam, Lane’s Limey, was sable & white. Mrs. Lane named several of her English Shepherds Shep, which will no doubt prove vexing for future ES owners researching their dog’s ancestry. King Shep was the first of the so-named Sheps. He was whelped 10-23-81. One of his front legs had to be amputated and his other front leg was badly damaged in a terrible dog fight. Mrs. Lane says he was protecting his first litter of puppies from a band of wild dogs and was badly mauled. He had a habit of sitting back on his haunches, right beside Mrs. Lane’s ENGLISH SHEPHERDS sign in the Lane front yard. He was so well known for this that Fall Foliage tour buses would remark on it as they passed the Lane’s home. Sometimes the buses would stop, so tourists could pet the brave, black & white dog.”


Pedigree for Anderson’s (Beebe’s) Max:

Photos from the Lane Family Album

Photo to the right:
Lane’s Limey
(left), Raena (middle – pronounced RAIN-ah), and Caesar Shep (right) pose in front of Sandy the horse.

Limey was born on July 22, 1977

Hull’s Jessie (photo to the left) at 4 years of age. Photo taken May 1983.

Jessie’s dam was Lane’s Limey

Lady is pictured to the right at 11 years of age. She weighed 96 pounds (clearly Anderson’s Max was not the only big dog in this family!).

Lady was out of Lane’s Limey.

Pictured to left:
, a tricolor bred by Mrs. Lane, pictured at 14 months of age. Cindy was whelped May 25, 1976. She was out of Lane’s Nabby Joy, an IESR registered female. Her sire was Lane’s Caesar Shep, also registered with IESR.

Says Mrs. Lane, “This is not a good picture of Cindy. She was a pretty dog.

Pictured below: Two views of Lane’s Last Chance, a tricolor male, at 6 months of age. Chance was bred by Mrs. Lane in the mid-1980’s. His dam was Lane’s Raena; he was whelped in Raena’s last litter. Chance was registered with IESR and sired several litters. His offspring were also registered with IESR.

Last but not leastPeaslee’s Brighton & Dover, as great grandchildren of Lane’s Last Chance out of Lane’s Royal Lady, were 1/4 Lane by pedigree; they definitely displayed many of the attributes of that line.