Bobbie - The Prodigal Dog

As featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not, August 1924

Strictly speaking, Bobbie may not be 100% English Shepherd. He is traditionally described as a “Scotch Collie – English Shepherd” cross, which is one possibility. However, English Shepherds were not officially registered at the time Bobbie lived, so his precise background is unclear. Whatever the case, his behavior, appearance and origin certainly are consistent with his being at least part — if not all — English Shepherd.

Bobbie’s story…

“On August 15, 1923, Frank and Elizabeth Brazier of Silverton, OR experienced a pet owner’s worst nightmare; they lost their dog nearly 3000 miles away from home. At a service station in Wolcott, IN, Bobbie, their 2 year old English Shepherd mix, was attacked by a gang of dogs and disappeared. After an agonizing and fruitless search, the disheartened Braziers returned to Oregon, convinced they would never see their beloved Bobbie again.

Bobbie returned home six months to the day after being separated from his family. Mr. Brazier’s daughter, Nova, spotted Bobbie wandering the streets of Silverton and cradled the exhausted but contented dog in her arms. An elated reunion with the rest of the family followed.

As news of his journey spread, Bobbie, “The Wonder Dog,” became a bonafide Oregon Legend… During his trip he forded icy rivers, traveled through blizzards, and crossed almost impenetrable mountain ranges. A frayed rope around his neck suggested that he had escaped at least one person who wanted to keep him against his will. Although many people helped the determined canine, he never stayed long…

“He was determined to keep going… He did everything to find his owner.”

Excerpted from “Bobbie, The Wonder Dog of Oregon”, by E.B. Pollock, reported in Dog Nose News, vol. 2, issue 8, Mar 2002