Bellwood Kennels

S.C. Shipp, proprieter ~ born 1875
Lebanon, TN

Bellwood Kennels Brochure (circa 1930s)

Old Time Shepherds

The Stockman’s Dog

These dogs are medium size, active and intelligent, short headed Shepherds, not Collies. This is the kind our fathers had before Collies came into the country.

They are bred for heel drivers.

They come in all colors, brown, tan, black, and blue spotted, mostly white tipped.

Being a farmer and stock dealer, I know the value of a good stock dog.

I have been raising them for thirty years and by using only intelligent working brood matrons that are natural heelers and sires with the same qualities, I have developed a strain that I guarantee to make good stock dogs. You be the judge.

We keep 12 to 15 brood matrons farmed out after breeding. They work on farms with stock every day. By so doing, we know what they will do – as no one could even guess what a dog would do if kept up in a pen. Even with these brood matrons we are usually behind with orders.

We use different sires and can furnish unrelated pairs. We never let distance or expense keep us from using the best sires to be found, often going 80 miles to breed to an unrelated dog.

We get many repeat orders from former buyers. Just sold third pup to a man in Greenville, Texas, and a third pup to a man in Rowland, North Carolina.

Sold a dog to a man in Alabama. Right away he ordered four pups for his neighbors.

I sell on five days approval, if you are not pleased after looking him over, you may return and I will cheerfully refund your money.

Then, when around one year of age, if he does not make a good worker, I will replace with another pup, or, if out of pups, will return purchase price. I have sold in 20 states under the above guarantee.

They usually begin to drive at a few months of age, and need very little training, except to stop when told, and the time to teach that is when not driving stock. Simply call by name and teach them to come or go at command.

Any good dog can be ruined by letting children use them, never teaching them to obey. Females usually are the most intelligent and best workers, and stay at home. We sell out of females first usually.

These Shepherds are not mischievous or troublesome to raise like some breeds, they do not bother our little chickens. They make splendid yard and guard dogs, also ideal pets and companions for children. Our grown ones are also excellent squirrel and varmint dogs.

All pups are farm raised, and husky. All dogs are subject to worms, they are responsible for most all dog troubles. We use “Nema Worm Capsules” with much success. Puppies should be doctored for worms every 4 to 6 weeks. By having dogs that make good, and by practicing the Golden Rule, we have built up a trade far beyond our expectations. Knowing that a satisfied customer is our best advertisement, we are never satisfied till you are.

When ordering, give 1st and 2nd choice as to color, or leave us to get you a good one.

If left to us we will ship choicest pup here, whereas, if we write to you again the best pup would likely be gone. We often get four to five orders in one day.

Pups shipped about eight weeks old, thoroughly weaned. Safe arrival guaranteed.

We ship in light crates, express charges ranging from 75 cents to $1. 50 to nearby states. We do not pay express.

If interested, do not wait, as I often return checks after all pups are sold. A phone order or wire will often get you a pup, where a letter might be too late.

Dogs get dirty in shipping, so clean him up, feed light and let him rest and take time to get used to his new home and master. Shipping makes most pups nervous and may take few days to get in the same shape as when we started him, so do not get impatient, also do not expect a pup to know it all — and remember he knows more than you did at his age.

Never return a pup before writing us for instructions.

Our dogs are bred for stock dogs, yet the best bred horse would not make a show horse unless he is trained, so with a pup he will need reasonable training.

Location 8 miles East of Lebanon, Highway No. 70. We invite you to come to see us.

We will ship C.O.D., but Express Company charges you 30 cents to return the money.

The states of Alabama, Texas, and Arkansas require dogs to be vaccinated and a health certificate, both by a veterinarian, which costs $1. 50 which you add to price of any one you buy.

As we sell through the mail, you run no risk, as the U.S. Postal authorities could and would see that I fulfill all contracts. References as to my reliability and more standing: Commerce-Union Bank, Lebanon, Tenn., or any County Official of Wilson County, at Lebanon.

A Few Unsolicited Letters of Commendation

Pleasant Hill, Ala.
May 3, 1929

I feel that I want to tell you of the Shepherd pup I bought from you last May, a year ago. You wrote me of the merits of your dogs, and I can say without reservation, that this one was everything you claimed and more. In my 60 years of farm life, I never owned a better individual, full of energy and intelligence. He “filled the bill” for every service I had him for.

Just thought I would tell you that I found your dogs all you claim. I wish you every success, and should you wish, I will take great pleasure in recommending them to buyers.

~J.P. Stringer

Lee, Florida.
Feb 23, 1929

Las September a year ago, I bought a dog from you. I thought I would write you to let you know that I appreciate your sending me such a good dog. She is wonderful. I am fully satisfied with her. I could not get along without her, she is so smart.

Lots of people have tried to buy her from me. Thanks you again for giving me such a good trade. I am your friend.

~James Troud.

Grant, Tenn.
Sept 21, 1928

So sorry to tell you that we lost our dog purchased from you. He was without a doubt the smartest dog I ever saw, in fact, he was without a fault, so you know how grieved I was to give him up. When can you let me have another one? I would like to have one of the same matron’s pups, as much like the other one as possible.

~Charles Barbee.
(Note: Sold him two pups)

Tower Hill, Ill.
June 12, 1929

In reply to your inquiry regarding Shepherd pup bought of you last winter, will say we are well pleased with him. He is just beginning to work a little. We is a sure heeler. I have never seen him show any symptoms of going to the head. He is very watchful and alert to everything. I am quite sure he is going to prove all o.k. Thanking you for fair and square treatment, I remain yours truly.

~W.M. Morrison

Burlison, Tenn.
January 7, 1930

Last year I bought a Shepherd pup from you – a heeler. He is a very smart dog, and I want another one. Please write me at once what you have, and the price.

~J.C. Petty

Franklin, Ky.
June 10, 1934

I just have to tell you about my pup I got from you. She is doing fine and heeling cows like a grown dog. Just to tell the truth, she is the smartest one I ever saw. As small as she is she is scared when a cow turns horns on her but she turns her heels it is goodbye cow. She cannot understand why I won’t let her heel the mules when I am plowing.

I can sit on porch and send her to field and she brings the sheep up and puts them in the barn lot.

If I can assist you let me know.

~J.H. Mallory

Hammond, La.
June 8, 1932

Received pup o.k. and all of us are more than pleased with him. We did not expect to get such a fine one.

We have eight children and you can imagine their delight. Money could not buy him.

~Geo. H. Riemer

Roebuck, S.C.
November 5, 1934

Have you got any pups or half grown dogs, females? If so let me know at once. The one I got from you several years ago is fine, all you could wish for in a dog.

~J.J. Nesbitt
(Note: sold him two pups)

Henedow, Va.
Januray 23, 1937

Much to the delight of the whole family the pup arrived last Friday night and as it has been raining ever since he has been getting a lot of extra attention. My little sever-year-old boy has had him to sleep with him for a night or so, and I take him up and put him in his bed every morning.

Well, Mr. Shipp, I’m writing this to thank you for sending us such a fine, healthy and playful pup and you can use my name any time you wish in recommending your breed of dogs.

I’ll close with the following beautiful lines:
My neighbors & I must admit or own up
That we never saw a more healthy, fine & playful pup
And we also agree that it’s certainly queer or funny
That one can be bought for so little money.

Thanking you again, I am, yours truly,

~F.G. Hammond

Greenwood, Fla.
November 9, 1937

I am writing you a few words to let you know how our puppy is doing. He is getting along just fine. We received him all right and he certainly has grown as fast as any puppy I ever saw and is smart as he can be. He’s just busy all the time. We are certainly well pleased with him, and sure do thank you for replacing the other one.

~Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Mathers

Nashville, Tenn.
July 16, 1936

The English Shepherd pup I got from you I am glad to say turned out to be a natural heeler and one of the smartest dogs I ever saw for his age and proved to be just what I wanted. When I wrote to you about this pup you filled my order to the dog. This dog had more get up in him than any dog I ever owned – never tired and always ready to go. His coat of hair was beautiful.

~W.T. McLemore

Cedar Hill, Tenn.

I just want to say a few words about my pup. He is the smartest dog I ever saw, a good guard dog, and a wonderful stock dog. He is on the job all the time, and really enjoys it. He never goes anywhere except the heel, and never was kicked but just a few times, and that didn’t make him backwards one bit. He always goes right back. We love him like one of the family.

The female pup is fine. She surely is smart, too. They both were much smarter than we expected. Know I will never get another dog any smarter than Sammie, because they don’t exist.

Mr. Shipp, do you have a mate to the dog pup I got? If so, what is your price? He is everything you could expect of a smart dog. Hoping to hear from you soon, I am, yours truly,

~T.B. Corbin

Canton, Miss.
December 28, 1936

No doubt you have forgotten seling me an old-time shepherd puppy about eight (8) years ago. I still have him and he has proved O.K. in every respect.

I am just wondering if it is possible that I might get another one from you, the same stock as the one I have. If I could get them I would like to have a pair.

Thanking you for a reply as to whether I can get one or a pair of the type dog mentioned, I am yours truly,

~Clifton Hobson.