HTCH Peaslee's Honey, 2002- 2019

Honey was sensitive, resilient, biddable; a dog with an enormous heart and incredible loyalty.

About Honey

Honey was out of Brighton’s second litter, born in November 2002. She was a beautiful dog — fast, sensitive, and extremely devoted, quite literally an “English Shadow”. She was the first English Shepherd recognized as a herding trial champion by AHBA (her son Tupelo was the second), with five advanced level herding titles and an open level Farm Dog title from ASCA. More intense and quick to respond than her pack-mates, handling Honey required clarity and consistency. Given that, she had the ability to be exceptional. She was very talented, she wanted to please, and she had a lot of heart. Although she was a sensitive dog, Honey never quit in the face of adversity.

Honey was also a very expressive dog; there was never any secret as to what she was thinking — which made her a very entertaining companion. Honey felt and responded to her environment with intensity, whether she was chasing a squirrel or rolling in perfume that drifted onto the floor.

Honey retired from breeding after producing two litters.  Her legacy continues through her offspring including Rimrock Lone Firelight of Shepherd’s Way, Shepherd’s Way Levi, John Day of Shepherd’s Way, Muysson’s Wheeler of Shepherd’s Way, Shepherd’s Way Saucy Sue and Shepherd’s Way Keeva Jo of Windmill Farm.


Health Information

Hips & eyes: OFA good, PennHIP DI=0.43/0.48, and a normal CERF evaluation (eyes).
DNA Testing: Carrier for MDR-1, Normal/ Clear for everything else included in the Embark panel
Honey’s genetic profile is online here: Embark Genetic Testing
Inbreeding: measured homozygosity based on >200,000 DNA markers = 6%

Honey’s Titles

Herding Trial Champion (HTCH)
Herding Ranch Dog (HRD) III
Herding Trial Arena Dog (HTAD) III
Ranch Large Flock (RLF) III
Herding Trial Dog (HTD) II
Open Farm Trial Dog – sheep (OFTDs)