Coat Color and Pattern in English Shepherds


While there are four basic color patterns recognized under the English Shepherd standard — sable/white, black/white, black tricolor, and black/tan — the color genes present in the breed sometimes combine to produce less common variations. Whether these variations are acceptable depends on which breed standard you consult; the variations presented below are all consistent with purebred status, however. Because of this, the English Shepherd Club breed standard does not disqualify dogs for deviating from traditional patterns.

For more information on coat color in English Shepherds, read this two part article: Part 1: Coat Color & Pattern, Part 2: Coat Color Genetics

clear sable English Shepherd

Clear Sable & White

sable english shepherd

Sable & White

saddle pattern english shepherd

Saddle Sable

tricolor english shepherd


black and white english shepherd

Black & White

seal english shepherd

Seal & White

open face tricolor english shepherd

Open-face Tricolor

black and tan english shepherd

Black & Tan

brindle english shepherd

Sable Brindle



Red Tricolor