Shepherd's Way

New Beginnings Litter: Week Five

This was a busy week! Lots of photos, even a little video, but no time to get it all posted because the puppies have me running! Some of the highlights from the week include moving to their new digs (utility room with doggie door outside to the puppy yard), two field trips (total of 6 hours riding around in the car... with 8 puppies... surprisingly, stress free for all involved!), first introduction to ducks, learning to navigate stairs, and last but not least, a Puppy Party on Saturday. As a group, this litter is steady, balanced, and smart -- they think things through. Some individual observations:

While laid back, Howie is a stud! I thought he might be a little passive on our duck day-trip, but he was ready to go -- and went where he was supposed to. Howie is a bit on the "fluffy" side (apearance wise), with a big broad head and sturdy build... handsome as well as handy :-).

Charlie is very food motivated. Very. Haven't seen any of the pups get possessive over the food bowl, but he is first in line, two feet in the dish, and sticks around at the end licking the bowl when everyone else has given up and moved on. He reminds us of a little Dover (our first ES) -- which is high praise.

Chet seems to be the most social -- first to greet you, big tail wags all the while; when I walk about the yard he is right at my feet, in my shadow. I spend a lot of time trying not to trip over puppies right now!

Squee is a little character... she has a sort of serious expression (you know there is a mind at work), very observant, and wise eyes. Also has a good deal of spunk. Studies and acts.

Shine is a little sweetie... the smallest (though not by much), gentle, playful... surprisingly adventurous. She has such a sweet expression and manner that you sort of expect her to be meek -- but, then you notice... she is actually at the front of the pack on expeditions, ready to explore, having fun, bouncing back. I think her resemblance to Grandma Raven goes beyond sharing similar markings!

Madge is another one of the social leaders -- not "dominant" but sociable, confident, curious. Very interesting color changes going on with her coat. She is definitely "not black", but beyond that it is hard to describe! Striking, pretty girl.

I still have to look closely to determine whether I am watching Nonny or Tavy -- their faces are different (Tavy has a squarer head, and assymmetrical face markings), but otherwise they look and behave similarly. They both impressed me with their herding instincts... I think they'll be naturals!

Now for some photos... I have lots of photos of puppies with ducks, too, but those will have to be loaded on a separate page!


"Sit", done four ways...



And, Shine ... guess who we'll be using for obedience demos!



Chet and his buddy Cash

Can you imagine what it would feel like to go down stairs like this...


Howie, Charlie and Nonny napping (almost)

Squee tackling Shine


Puppy party on Saturday... obviously the pups were pooped at this point!

Howie being good

Belle staying above the fray


Yoga basics this week... Charlie (and Sam) practicing Downward dog...

... and Squee, demonstrating Upward facing dog